Sunday, 27 December 2009

Barry M

I am now in love with Barry M Nail Paint, i asked for a couple for crimbo and i got them and i think i am in love :P

I got:

and Turquoise

It looks more like a Light Blue to me which is what i wanted anyway so its all good :)

:) :) :) :) :)

Right havent been on here for a couple of weeks, and i never know what to put on here anyway so i will just post random things which is probably what im supposed to do anyway but oh well! :)

I have decided that i will post a song of the day :) because thats all i can think of for now.

Today my song of the day is:

Alexandra Burke - Broken heels

I think that is purely because my sister keeps playing it over and over and its growing on me.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Pink Dress

I absolutely LOVE the dress Anna Friel is wearing here. Must be the over-sized bow that does it. :)

The color is gorgeous.

I was hoping to make a dress with an oversized bow on the back in textiles.

I think i may give it a go!


So, i was searching around on google just looking at random artwork, as you do, and i found this which i think is pretty cool. Check out more at:

There is a guy in the year bellow me at sixth form and he has drawn Lady Gaga for a project and i have to say it is absolutely AMAZING!

First Blog Everr!

Right, i've always loved looking at people's blogs so i thought why not make my own.
So here it is. Give it time i should get better :) if anyone has any advice please do share, im not the most intelligent person in the world :P.