Tuesday, 31 July 2012


...With my work friends for leaving drinks for a friend. I had so much fun :)
I thought I would show you a few pics as I didn't get a proper outfit post as I worked went home got ready and went straight out.
This first one is everyone that came I love going out in big groups :D

This last one is all of us messing about because apparently if you slap under your chin with the back of your hand for 10 mins a day it reduces the chance of a saggy chin :P
 The random things that my friends come out with is great :P


Monday, 30 July 2012

Pink Hair!!

This picture is quite dark but it is the better one out of a few that I took.
I used a brighter pink this time for my hair and I love it!!!
I was actually considering going pink all over but I think maybe that's a little bit over the top for me :P


Friday, 27 July 2012

Butterfly Playsuit

Hey everyone!
This is my most recent purchase and I think it may well be bargain of the year :P
It was £3 in the final clearance at work. I had my eye on it when it first came in because I love the pattern. 
It does have a small rip on the neck hem at the front but I don't think its too noticeable. 
Plus I didn't realise the halter neck bit was not adjustable so I just cut in the middle and I now tie it in a knot so it fits better :)


Friday, 20 July 2012

Union Jack

Hello There!!
This is today's clothing choice :P pretty simple really, its the first time I wore my bright red converse style shoes :) They are so comfortable. 
I got them from Deicheman? not too sure how to spell the name :P and I love my union jack lips top from Tkmaxx :) 


Thursday, 19 July 2012


I am trying to make sure that I do one post a day if not it will be every couple of days :)
But here is my outfit for the day, I tend to be wearing dresses a lot at the moment. 
I go through fazes I wore leggings all the time while I was in sixth form them it changed to jeans most of the time and now dresses and skirts. :P
I recently decided I want to be more girly, but at the same time I have a bit of a rock-ish edge to my style..I think :P 
Makes it a bit more interesting. 
I love waking up every morning and going through all my clothes to figure out what I feel like wearing its the best part of the day :P
Sad I no! 


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

July Wish List!

I am in love with this website at the moment, They have some amazing stuff at the moment, I thought I would share a few of the items with you guys :)


My choice of clothing for the day

Hey! So this is what I wore today just been lounging about so just a simple outfit today :)
I like this top its from H&M its an assymetric hem top.

I am hoping to blog a lot more then I have been I say this every time and I never find time to post.
But I promise I will try my hardest :)

Creepers and lead singer top!! :D

I finally got my new creepers!!

I had to have them they were the cheapest that I have found and the delivery is only £1 at the moment!!
They are so comfortable definitely worth it :)

This is my new purchase from H&M I saw someone wearing it in a photo from mayhem a couple of weeks ago and I made it my mission to find out where it was from and how much. 
It was only £7.99! :)


New Hair!

Hey guys!!
I had my hair cut on Monday! I know I said it was a new haircut technically its the same style I had but a tad shorter :)
And I did put black in it about a week ago aswell and I already want another colour :P
I get bored so easily with my hair 
What do you think is my hair better shorter or longer??


Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Shoes!

This was my outfit yesterday, I haven't worn this top before and decided it was about time it got some use :P 
These pics were taken at the end of the day and I did straighten my hair at the start of the day...but it never lasts :P
Anyway, my new shoes arrived whoop whoop! :) I love them I am going out with my girls on Monday so I will be wearing them then :D
I really wanted a pair of these shoes for ages but wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk in them so did not know if I wanted to spend £40 on a pair of shoes I couldn't wear. And then I found these beauts on Ebay for just £14.99 I didn't hesitate with just £2.99 P&P aswell I had to have them, I am going to see how Monday goes and if all goes well and I get a lot of use out of them then I will be buying the proper wooden heeled ones :) 

What do you think on these style boots??


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What I wore!

Its been a while since I done proper outfit posts. I have taken a few pics on a few odd days (I have been so busy lately) I wish I had more time to spend taking photos and doing lovely long posts. 
But here are a few:


Sugar skulls!

Just a quick very random post, 
I have recently been looking at sugar skulls, and I love love love the way people do the make up versions.
These are a few I have found:

I now cannot wait for Halloween! I plan on doing my own version and wearing my short prom style dress creepers and  maybe knee length socks. 
Problem is I need to find someone who will be having a Halloween party! haha
I know I am thinking about this WAY too early and have probably thought about it WAY too much aswell :P

Monday, 9 July 2012

Night in with the Girls!

This post is over a week late but had a lovely girly night in at a friends house.
It was so much fun!
we had fish bowls (one red, one green and one yellow),
Jelly shots,
Vodka and cokes,
The list is endless :P
such a good night though.
Anyway, I wasn't too dressed up for this evening. Just a black and white striped top from H&M which I used to be in love with and wore it so much, leggings also H&M  and my studded loafers.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mayhem on a monday!

I went clubbing with my lovely friend lorren on monday :)
It was a really nice night :)
This is what I wore..

This one we are goofing off excuse my dressing gown :P

And in the loos at the pub :P ha