Friday, 29 June 2012

Bar 229!

Oh dear I have been so busy lately, Spending time with friends, family and a hell of a lot of working :P
Sorry I haven't kept up with the regular posting. 
But here are some pics from a night out I had a couple of weeks ago. At the surface festival in London.
I went to support It Killed Harper, my friends band.
They are now through to the semi-finals and are next playing at the O2 academy. I am so excited for them they have done so well and have worked really hard for this I hope they win or at least get to the finals. :)
But anyway here are some of my favourite pics from that night:

^The band^



Wednesday, 13 June 2012

sheer blouse!

So, me and a big group of friends went to our usual pub on a Tuesday, (£1 a pint..well £1.25 but still really cheap). We drunk loads, sung, shouted annoying quotes and generally had a really good time.
I found this purple blouse which I bought a good few years ago from primark, I love sheer floaty tops, they are just so easy to style whether it be jeans leggings tucked into a skirt or with shorts they are great and look very girly too :)


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Take away with the girls!

Just a quick post to show what I decided to wear tonight was meant to go out for a meal but because of the rain we stayed in (at my friends) and got a Chinese take away and watched TV and chatted.
I stuck to my usual plain and simple pastel pink blazer black top both Primark Leggings H&M and shoes from So you shoes.


leopard print

Hey! so this is my outfit for today :) 
A floaty top which I actually forgot I had. I love finding clothes I've forgotten about, feels like its all new again :P Just paired it with jeans and a blazer.
I am out for a meal tonight with some old school friends :) will be really nice I have to try and decide what to wear oooh decisions!?! :P
I'm also going to re-do my blonde, make it nice and bright. 
So expect pics very soon :) 


Saturday, 9 June 2012

I made a Pink Dress!

I was on youtube earlier and was searching through all different tutorials for dresses, and I came across this one:
She does some really good tutorials so check them out if you are interested :)
This is just a simple summer dress, and it HAS to be worn with some sort of belt because I made it slightly too big (even though I think that is how it is meant to be) :P but there is no shape to it otherwise :)

But, I am happy with the result.
What do you think??


Saturday: what I wore!

This is my outfit for the day :) keeping me nice and warm considering the weather is not great outside. 
Would like the sun to come back soon :P


Friday, 8 June 2012

Phone Images

So, these are a few pictures that I have on my phone which I wanted to share
This one is a bit dark but it was Christmas day with all our pressies under the tree. It was really nice to spend the day with my family.

This next picture was when I was round my friends house and he decided to cook us breakfast, It was a ridiculous amount of food (they call it the gut-buster!) haha. 
It makes me hungry just looking at it though :P

This was an outfit I wore for a family meal at The Anne Boleyn Restaurant/pub.

And finally this one I took as I walked through the duck park, I couldn't believe how many tortoises there were :P I swear there were only 2/3 :P haha


Outfit post catch up :P

This is today's outfit, I haven't actually left my house today but just wanted something simple and comfortable to lounge about in.

This outfit is what I wore yesterday in the day, I love this outfit the trousers are so comfy. 

Kinda wish I had taken this picture without the jacket on, pretty plain and simple.


Out for a Meal!

So, I went out for a meal with a couple of my close friends on Wednesday night to The Harvester down the seafront, and it was lovely, I have been there before and it wasn't that great seeing as they forgot our order so we were sat waiting for half hour and hadn't even put our order through silly people :P
But anyway, It was very nice, I had the BBQ chicken and bacon stack, I was worried it was going to be huge but took the risk and it was the perfect size. I had chips and peas with it aswell and an orange juice plus you get to help yourself to salad for your starter :)


Coral Top

So I went out for a drink with a couple of work mates for my friends 18th. I wore my sheer orange/coral top which I got for 50p!! :) and its Saint Tropez (with a white vest underneath), some Primark jeans, my 'pixie' boots :P and a leather jacket.


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wine, Beer, cherry sourz and a new haircut :P

I went out last night with my girls mainly, It was for a friends 20Th birthday. Had a really good night couldn't stay too late which was a shame because of work this morning.

And I have shaved the side of my head, I really do like it :) It is more of an under cut? is that what you'd call it? :P
I am not sure but I am happy with it so its all good :)

Love this picture below, weird to think we have all known each other for 16 years!!
Makes me feel old thinking about it. HA!


Friday, 1 June 2012

New Things!

I bought a few new things today, First, are my new floral trousers, I got them from work. I literally just threw them on for this picture but I think I would wear a light top with these maybe a pink one just to make it a little more summery :)

And I haven't yet taken pics of the other two things I bought but I will post them tomorrow.
Basically, I got a plain black maxi skirt, and a cropped denim waist coat. 
But, Pictures will be on here by the end of tomorrow :)