Thursday, 31 May 2012

studded loafers

Hey, I ordered some new shoes yesterday, it was pay day so I thought I would treat myself :)
I bought two pairs exactly the same just different colours, I am realising how I don't have many shoes for the summer, I do have loads of pumps, but I like shoes that I know are stable :P
I cant wait to wear them :)



I'm not too sure what to call them :P
I bought a couple of cancer research...badges? :P
anyway here they are..

I love the union jack one which is why I have put it on my blazer :) I do like the glittery one too got to decide where I want to put that on something I wear quite regularly. And thought I would show off my boom box one aswell from my friend for my birthday years ago :P


I went out with a couple of friends this evening for a meal at Nandos! I love that place so much. I don't go there enough!
But anyway, Here is what I wore:

I had a good night chatting away with our bottomless cokes I had the chicken breast pitta, chips and garlic bread! YUM!
haha I bought this pink top from new look ages ago for about £8 in the sale, BARGAIN! :)
It is so bright I love it! :)
Just simply paired it with a blazer, leggings and my pixie boots as my friend calls them :P

Saturday, 26 May 2012


I love everything about this dress it has shorts attached to it underneath, so I know I'm not going to accidentally flash anyone because the wind has blown under my dress (which is one of my biggest fears with dresses). 
It has a vintage style floral pattern, and I just love how it fits.
I may have to work out a pattern for it and attempt to make my own version, I know it wont turn out this nice though :P


Friday, 25 May 2012

Outfit post! :)

So, this is what I wore today, nice and casual :)
spent the day with a couple of friends went into town for a bit of shopping (you wouldn't believe I was with 2 guys) :P and just chilled out at my friends house in the sun. 
It was lovely, the sun makes me so happy, strange sometimes how the weather can effect people's moods. Well it does mine :P


New boots :)

Oh Yes! :)
They came today, It was so quick only ordered them yesterday! Brilliant!
I love them, but I couldn't wear them today because it was way too hot :(
I will save them for another day.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

So you shoes!

I have just come across the most amazing online shoe store for me at the moment :P
I ordered some boots and I plan on ordering many more shoes I just need to wait until next week when I get paid :P
They are basically dr martens but not :P and a hell of a lot cheaper :)
So, I am very happy and cannot wait for them to come through the post :)
I will be investing in a couple of other colours aswell :)


Bargain of the day!!

So, while at work today the whole of the ladies department was sorted through and loads of stuff went into clearance. So, me being me had to have a snoot, while I was working. 
And I came across this dress which I have seen loads of times and had a lovely surprise when I saw the price :)
Just £3!!!
Admittedly there is a button missing and I searched the dress for any rips.. nothing! :) and there is a spare button attached to the label...sorted! :)

Its very summery, it did have a frilly bit on the bottom but because it is longer then what I would wear I cut this off and have decided to leave it at the length is is now.
Usually I would raise the hem a bit but I think I will have a 'longer' dress for the summer as it is flowy and don't want to risk the wind blowing it up if I don't wear tights :)


Toffee Waffle Chocolate Cake!

It was my friend from works birthday the other day (I had no idea until yesterday when she bought some cake in.) Seriously I think they are biggest slabs of cake I have ever seen and she is even bringing more in today the original cake must have been huge!!

This picture doesn't actually show you how big it actually was to be honest this does actually make it look quite small. 
But seriously it is the most tastiest cake I have ever eaten :P I thought it deserved a quick post :P


New Project!

 Ok, so I saw this top that I really like but I am not too sure on the assymetric hem line thing,

So I decided I would give it a go at making my own, but instead of using a sheer material (and because I had some old black shirts that I never wear) I am basically refasioning an old shirt.

You can find this shirt here:

This is my shirt so far :) I am using the buttonhole stitch to make the crosses on my machine :) and I am quite happy with how they are coming out.
I quite like how it is just with the crosses just on the button bit, I have marked out where I think I am going to put the rest of the crosses, (they are just being dotted about.) But what do you think so far??

I have now taken the sleeves off I decided that as summer is just around the corner I will make it a bit more summery? If that’s the right word :P


Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Two of my new leggings arrived today! Yay, they came this morning just as I was leaving for work, so I had to wait all day until I could come home and put them on :)
I love them :)
Cannot wait to make up a proper nice outfit for them to go with.
How would you style them??


Denim Capris

Heya, I have been searching the internet for some high waisted denim capri's but I cant find any that are nice n cheap :P
I found this picture I love the colour but I want black or blue denim ones without the belt bit.
Does anyone know where might be best to look??


Blazer and Denim

This is my nice and simple outfit for the day :)
I really do have a slight obsession with blazers at the moment, I go through fazes of liking certain items of clothing :P
Anyway thought the denim shorts would make it look more casual, as I like to look a little smart most days :) 


Monday, 21 May 2012

May's wish list

Heya, Just thought I would show you a few things that I really really want to get right now, but seeing as I am skint I will have to wait until next month :P
These jeans look amazing these ones are from this website >
For £25 The original pair that I saw were from motel for £48 for me that's too much to spend on a pair of jeans.

I keep seeing people with studded loafers and I really want a pair and I saw some in new look for like £8 but I didn't have the money on me I think I will have to take a trip there very soon :P

Now, these I have seen on a few people and I do quite like them, I think I would wear them :P They are very punky/alternative. 


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Glittery nail varnish!

I bought some new nail varnishes :)
I had to have them I love the colours I will have to post a picture so that you can see how they look on.
I thought the pink one would be my favourite but its not as pink as it looks and it isn't as sparkly either.
I have used the silver one and it covers well and I thought the glitter would come off easy but its a bit like glitter glue, I think. 
Plus I love it because it is one that you can peel off, it doesn't look so nice when you only have a little patch of nail varnish on your nail though :P

I thought seeing as I am mentioning my new nail varnish I would show you where I keep ALL of my nail varnishes :) 
I love this make-up bag I got it from primark not sure on the price but its great for keeping all of them in :)

Now I would say I have quite a lot of nail varnishes I am sure it is easily beaten :P haha
I love having a little selection to choose from when I do decide to paint my nails.
Usually there isn't much point because it chips because of work, I do when its a special occasion or I feel like making my fingers look nice :P


Printed leggings!!

I just went on a bit of a spending spree :P
I have just ordered three pairs of leggings, The images are just to show you what ones I have bought :) they aren't the exact images but you get the idea :)
I cannot wait for them to arrive :)
And I only spent about £16 including postage which I think is pretty good :)
I am a little obsessed with Ebay I think :P

What do you think??


Saturday, 19 May 2012


Okay, so I was going through my mountain of clothes and I found this shirt that I have never worn, and I have seen so many people wearing shirts with the top button done up and a necklace tucked under the collar. So, with this in mind plus I was in the mood to experiment for a bit, I decided to see how many outfits I could make. I have only done a few because there are so many different ways to wear one piece of clothing. 
I just felt like trying out a new look, and love trying things out :)
So, this first image is 'the shirt' :P

I think this look is very smart and I love the pop of colour from the jeans :)

This one I was just trying the above outfit but with a cardigan instead of a blazer.
I think I prefer this one :)

Then I thought I would try a more girly approach so I instantly thought skirt!!
I think this is a very smart look aswell :)

Which is your Favourite or how would you wear it??


Walk in wardrobe!

I have always wanted my own walk in wardrobe, but unfortunately as I am living with my parents I cant dedicate a room for all my clothes (not that I quite have enough to fill a room anyway) but I thought I'd show you my little make-shift walk in wardrobe :P I am in the loft so space is very limited but I do have this lovely little section of my room which I store my ever-growing collection of clothes.
I really do think I have a problem :P haha

What do you think??


I love saturdays..

Because recently I have only been working mornings, so I have had the afternoon to chill or attempt some sewing :P Today I decided to just chill and look through old photos on the computer I love looking back I may post some soon. 
But first, here are my clothing choices for the day :)
My work uniform, this jumper is so cosy only £3 from primark too :) with a vest top underneath and leggings.

I know I only showed you this cardigan yesterday but I just wanted something to relax in and just threw this on :P



I thought I would try that light pink lipstick again that I mentioned yesterday and it is actually growing on me :) I quite like it now :P Here are a few pics just so you get the idea of what it looks like on. 
Please excuse the funny faces :P
What do you think of this colour?
Any suggestions on which colour to go for next??


Friday, 18 May 2012

studs and cream

This is a quick post to show what I am wearing today pretty simple :)
A studded top which I bought from H&M a while ago, and my trusty leggings :) excuse the slippers I didn't go out in them :P I had my black ugg style boots on.


Today's Purchases

Heya guys, Just thought I would show you what I bought this morning :)
So, you don't think I am an alcoholic I did only buy the bottle that isn't yet open this morning the other is from another night but I plan on consuming both tonight with my friends, so its not just me :P
And I have plucked up the courage to buy a couple of lipsticks, I have never owned any and have no idea what colours would suit me so I just bought a couple of light colours to try out. 

On the left is 'vintage rose' and on the right is 'bubblegum', I am not too sure on the bubblegum one but the vintage rose is quite nice on. They are 2 for £5 in boots :)

This picture is just to show you what the vintage rose one looks like I don't think it is much different to my normal lips to be honest :P but you can notice it, This photo isn't particularly great but you get the idea :) 

I am in love with this cardigan, I love chunky knits and bright colours so saw this and had to have it :)

Now, this next dress I do already have in black and coral but i love this bright pink too :P
You can never have too many.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tiger love!

This is my new jumper... I love it :P
I bought it from select for £11.20. It is so comfy, my friend actually picked it out and tried it on and I fell in love with it :P she didn't want it so I bought it :P to be honest its not something that I would have picked out but I am glad I got it, I can lounge about in it with leggings or wear it out with jeans or again leggings :P 


Cream Blazers

I realised that I have 2 cream blazers in my wardrobe but I have never actually worn them, I am not too sure what I can put with them. So I put on the most simplest outfit ever (vest top and leggings) and thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions? I need help I love the one in the second image and really want to find a nice outfit to put it with :)

This first Blazer is from h&m I think I got it in the sale because it had a few smudges on it well I cant really notice them so I got it :) It is very long for a blazer I think maybe its meant to be like a boyfriend style??

This one I bought from a charity shop I cant remember what I paid for it probably about £5. It is originally from Bay. I love the fit of it and the pinstripes. Any ideas??


Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Heya! I forgot to post a pic of my outfit the other day and I haven't been able to keep up with taking pics of all my outfits lately but I promise I will try harder :P

I did get very sun burned hence the big red patch on my chest :P ha it is so painful, serves me right though I should have put sun cream on :P


Monday, 14 May 2012

Pink shirts and dress

So, here is the pink shirt that I said I was going to add some lace to :) I love it :P

And while we are on the subject of pink..

This is my most recent project obviously it isn't finished yet and I do want to make the collar a little bit smaller it looks a bit of a comedy sized collar at the moment :P and I need to add buttons and hem all the edges but what do you think?
I am quite happy with it so far.