Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cream Blazers

I realised that I have 2 cream blazers in my wardrobe but I have never actually worn them, I am not too sure what I can put with them. So I put on the most simplest outfit ever (vest top and leggings) and thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions? I need help I love the one in the second image and really want to find a nice outfit to put it with :)

This first Blazer is from h&m I think I got it in the sale because it had a few smudges on it well I cant really notice them so I got it :) It is very long for a blazer I think maybe its meant to be like a boyfriend style??

This one I bought from a charity shop I cant remember what I paid for it probably about £5. It is originally from Bay. I love the fit of it and the pinstripes. Any ideas??


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