Monday, 11 March 2013


Hey, just a quick post to show a few things I have made recently, as I keep saying I want to make more things...and I actually have. :D
I decided I would TRY and make one thing every month so far its going alright i have a couple of alterations to do but they are wearable garments :)

This is my first creation I haven't completely finished it, all I need to do is ad some bias to hem it.

This is the second, I love the colour of this one I have already made this dress before (in green) but i have an elasticated waist on that one.


Here I tried something different for a change I made a peplum top :) I had this material laying around n didn't know what to do with it so thought I would try it for this pattern, and I love it! :) I think i'm going to make a dress in this material too :)