Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Room Make-over starts :P

Right, so I have decided to try and focus on getting my room sorted because I have never been completely happy with it so I thought I would share my ideas and suggestions are welcome!!
Plus I think this project will take a while because funds are short at the moment :P
Anyway I will show you what I have done so far which isn't a lot really.

This is my photo wall, I am so proud of it :P I love just looking at it :P
Th light pink wall next to it I am considering painting dark/hot pink, It will make it dark but I don't mind.

And I have a question, How many colours are suitable for a colour scheme? 
Because I wanted black cream and hot pink but I have a lot of purple stuff that is really nice, would it look right??

I have always wanted a decorative letter thing that you put on the shelf like when you can get the words 'home' or 'love' So I made my own following this >> http://greenzebracrafts.com/diy-paper-mache-letter/ tutorial.

I love it!!!


Sunday, 2 September 2012


Right guys, I have added a couple of new items to my ebay :)
These are my newest items and more will be added in the week so keep an eye open :)


Primark bag:

Purple coat size 12:


Massive shopping spree!!

So I posted the other day about my bargain boots :) I thought I better get a picture up of them as I am so proud :P
They are going to be perfect for winter I cant wait to wear them properly :)

Here is a picture of everything I bought the other day, I think my favourite items are the rolling stones and guns and roses vest tops I love rocky vests at the moment. They are both from primark along with the second pair of shoes and the skirt which I bought for work. The playsuit and two sheer tops I bought from a local charity shop I am so glad there is one right opposite where I work. :)