Monday, 17 December 2012

Coming soon...

Heya I have been a really really bad blogger lately and realised I haven't posted in over a month, but I have started a couple of projects and plan on starting some other stuff and so I will have some posts coming up very soon.

For starter I am in the process of making a dress from a patten I already have and altering it slightly I am not sure how it is going to turn out at the moment but I will put some pics up soon.

I also plan on starting a bit of embroidery, and making a cover for a folder or something like that :P

Lastly I am painting over an old canvas picture that my friend gave me because she didn't want it I loved it at first and then decided that actually it doesn't go as well as I thought it would with my room so I am painting over it and hoping maybe eventually when I get my craft room which should happen in the next year or so :P it can hang lovely in there.

I promise to post more very soon! :)


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Winter warmers

Hello, So today I took a trip to George with my mum and spotted these beauts :P
I bought a pair of fleece lined tights last winter for work an they were so comfortable so when I saw these I had to have a pair :P
The purple ones are such a lovely colour and they feel nice and soft aswell I couldn't resist :P

I also decided today that I am going to go as close to my natural colour as I can not that it really matters because I leave my hair for months without dying it but at least I wont have to worry about roots.
Problem is I am pretty much guessing what my natural colour is because I have been dying my hair since I was about 16 so we will have to wait and see, it also depends if I like it, I will probably find myself going back to my live XL platinum blonde a couple of weeks after :P


21st Night 2

Right this again is not the best outfit picture but its the closest I have to a full length :P
pretty simple outfit for this night as it was just down the pub
I paired this with my creepers which I should wear more often I forgot how much I love them :P
The shirt and vest top are from Primark and the skirt is from H&M
And that is one of my closest friends in the picture with me :P


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

21st birthday week night 1

Heya! I apologise for my lack of posting I haven't really kept up with taking pics of my outfits but here is a quick one on what I wore on Monday night.
I booked this week off so that I could go out with friends and not have to worry about having work the next day. 
I apologise in advance for the picture as I had had a few beverages before it :P

My dress is from Tkmaxx I have a black studded clutch bag which is from select and my wedges which you cant see in this picture are from Deicheman (not completely sure how it is spelt) :P 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Painted Marilyn Monroe

So, just a quick update on my room upgrade :P
This is what I am most proud of. I made a paper stencil of Marilyn Monroe and cut it out and used a sponge to paint using black acrylic, I am so happy with how it came out I really thought I was going to mess it up and black is not an easy colour to paint over :P
But this is how it came out: 

This is my favourite part of my room at the moment. It isn't completely finished as I need frames put up holes filled in (which I should have done before painting) and a few bits need changing e.g a new black silk throw, I have seen the perfect one in primark but will have to hope it is still there on payday :P


Wednesday, 3 October 2012


So I have been really busy lately but I wanted to show you something I am quite proud of :) my friend built this Ottoman a while ago and decided she didn't have the room for it any more so I said I would have it as I have always wanted one but they always seem to be so expensive.
Anyway recently (as you may know from my previous post) I plan on redecorating my room (bit by bit) :P
I bought some black fake velvet fabric a little while ago and thought maybe I can make a dress or something. Then I thought actually I could use it to re-cover my Ottoman. 
So that is what I did :)
This is it before I pulled it all apart and re-upholstered it.

And this is it now :)

It will go better with my room when I get it all finished :P


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Room Make-over starts :P

Right, so I have decided to try and focus on getting my room sorted because I have never been completely happy with it so I thought I would share my ideas and suggestions are welcome!!
Plus I think this project will take a while because funds are short at the moment :P
Anyway I will show you what I have done so far which isn't a lot really.

This is my photo wall, I am so proud of it :P I love just looking at it :P
Th light pink wall next to it I am considering painting dark/hot pink, It will make it dark but I don't mind.

And I have a question, How many colours are suitable for a colour scheme? 
Because I wanted black cream and hot pink but I have a lot of purple stuff that is really nice, would it look right??

I have always wanted a decorative letter thing that you put on the shelf like when you can get the words 'home' or 'love' So I made my own following this >> tutorial.

I love it!!!


Sunday, 2 September 2012


Right guys, I have added a couple of new items to my ebay :)
These are my newest items and more will be added in the week so keep an eye open :)


Primark bag:

Purple coat size 12:


Massive shopping spree!!

So I posted the other day about my bargain boots :) I thought I better get a picture up of them as I am so proud :P
They are going to be perfect for winter I cant wait to wear them properly :)

Here is a picture of everything I bought the other day, I think my favourite items are the rolling stones and guns and roses vest tops I love rocky vests at the moment. They are both from primark along with the second pair of shoes and the skirt which I bought for work. The playsuit and two sheer tops I bought from a local charity shop I am so glad there is one right opposite where I work. :)


Friday, 31 August 2012

My Bargain of the Day:Dr Martens!!

Heya, Just a quick post, I went on a big spend up today as it is pay day, I do it every month and run out of money after a week :P but I have an awesome bargain which is just unheard of :P 
I found a pair of Dr Martens for £29.99 at work, which is just unbelievable considering the prices of them boots. The RRP is £130. I also got double discount this weekend which means I actually got them for £23.99. Whey! :)
I will post a picture soon as haven't got my camera temporarily as my father is borrowing it this weekend :P
I just had to share!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wall piece!!

Heya again! :)
This is my new wall piece I bought, I saw it and just had to have it, I think it is mainly because I want a white metal bed frame which I plan on buying when I can afford it :P and this will go with it perfect! :)
I think it would look better on a dark wall though but because I don't get a lot of light in my room I cant have a dark colour on my wall so I will have to wait until I move out and have a nice bright room :P



Hello, Just a quick post to show my most recent shoe purchases :)
I did post about these pink wedges a little while ago, I ordered them from
but they didn't come in time for my friends birthday so I rushed out on the day and bought the lovelys in the second image from New Look :) (I put insoles in them for extra padding) :P 
I also bought a clutch bag from new look to go with the nude shoes I will post a picture of that later :) 


Sunday, 12 August 2012

August so far...

Just thought I would fill you in on what I have been up to lately :)
First of all is my friends 22nd Birthday, we went to a few pubs and then went to a casino, it was such a great night. I didn't loose or win any money because I don't actually know how to play any of the games haha but I loved the atmosphere and enjoyed watching my friends.

These next ones are when we went to London to watch my friends in their band, they played at the O2 academy, Islington. They were in the semi-finals of The Surface Festival, unfortunately they didn't get through but there will be plenty more opportunities :) They played a brilliant show definitely the best show so far.
To be honest though if they were judged just on votes and crowd participation etc they would have got through but because there were judges they didn't :( But I am so proud of them :)

These last few are a barbecue that me and a couple of friends had because the weather was amazing and we had to make the most of it :)
So we stuffed our faces with burgers, sausages, potato salad beans and orange juice :P


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Heya! I have been looking at all different blogs on the internet recently and I really admire anyone who buys clothing from charity shops for really cheap no matter what shape or size and they edit them into something they will wear. I have wanted to do that for years and have never got round to it or when I do what to do it I have no money that I can use on buying clothing.
But, I have decided with my next pay cheque I will be taking a trip to the charity shops and I will invest in a few little projects.
I have been neglecting my sewing machine lately and really think I should make some time to spend sewing, I have a whole folder of images of dresses and things that I want to make but never get round to it as usual.
But I promise I will, hopefully soon :P


This is my outfit for today I am slightly obsessed with my denim jacket at the moment :P 
I have a plain black vest top on and high waisted shorts all from primark :P
What do you think?

I also got my new shoes finally through the post :D yay! I will post a picture later on :)
Have a great day!!


Monday, 6 August 2012

Dr Martens!!

Heya, This is what I have finally decided to wear today I really wanted to wear my Dr Martens and the sun has come out so I have packed some pumps for if it gets too hot :P haha 
I love my DM's so thought I would dedicate a post to them :P I don't really wear them very often so I thought I should :P
I got them in the sale a few years ago I cant remember how much I paid for them though haha 


Thursday, 2 August 2012

So you shoes!!

Ordered a new pair of shoes :D I wanted next day delivery but I am a bit late for that so hopefully someone will be in for them on Saturday morning. Especially because I need them for Saturday night! I know last minute, I got a royal blue dress then remembered that I have a bag that is royal blue with bright pink on it so decided I have to find some bright pink shoes to go with it :)
Really hope they come in time, if not I will be gutted that I cant wear them :P
and hope that the colours go together :P


Tuesday, 31 July 2012


...With my work friends for leaving drinks for a friend. I had so much fun :)
I thought I would show you a few pics as I didn't get a proper outfit post as I worked went home got ready and went straight out.
This first one is everyone that came I love going out in big groups :D

This last one is all of us messing about because apparently if you slap under your chin with the back of your hand for 10 mins a day it reduces the chance of a saggy chin :P
 The random things that my friends come out with is great :P


Monday, 30 July 2012

Pink Hair!!

This picture is quite dark but it is the better one out of a few that I took.
I used a brighter pink this time for my hair and I love it!!!
I was actually considering going pink all over but I think maybe that's a little bit over the top for me :P


Friday, 27 July 2012

Butterfly Playsuit

Hey everyone!
This is my most recent purchase and I think it may well be bargain of the year :P
It was £3 in the final clearance at work. I had my eye on it when it first came in because I love the pattern. 
It does have a small rip on the neck hem at the front but I don't think its too noticeable. 
Plus I didn't realise the halter neck bit was not adjustable so I just cut in the middle and I now tie it in a knot so it fits better :)


Friday, 20 July 2012

Union Jack

Hello There!!
This is today's clothing choice :P pretty simple really, its the first time I wore my bright red converse style shoes :) They are so comfortable. 
I got them from Deicheman? not too sure how to spell the name :P and I love my union jack lips top from Tkmaxx :) 


Thursday, 19 July 2012


I am trying to make sure that I do one post a day if not it will be every couple of days :)
But here is my outfit for the day, I tend to be wearing dresses a lot at the moment. 
I go through fazes I wore leggings all the time while I was in sixth form them it changed to jeans most of the time and now dresses and skirts. :P
I recently decided I want to be more girly, but at the same time I have a bit of a rock-ish edge to my style..I think :P 
Makes it a bit more interesting. 
I love waking up every morning and going through all my clothes to figure out what I feel like wearing its the best part of the day :P
Sad I no! 


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

July Wish List!

I am in love with this website at the moment, They have some amazing stuff at the moment, I thought I would share a few of the items with you guys :)


My choice of clothing for the day

Hey! So this is what I wore today just been lounging about so just a simple outfit today :)
I like this top its from H&M its an assymetric hem top.

I am hoping to blog a lot more then I have been I say this every time and I never find time to post.
But I promise I will try my hardest :)

Creepers and lead singer top!! :D

I finally got my new creepers!!

I had to have them they were the cheapest that I have found and the delivery is only £1 at the moment!!
They are so comfortable definitely worth it :)

This is my new purchase from H&M I saw someone wearing it in a photo from mayhem a couple of weeks ago and I made it my mission to find out where it was from and how much. 
It was only £7.99! :)


New Hair!

Hey guys!!
I had my hair cut on Monday! I know I said it was a new haircut technically its the same style I had but a tad shorter :)
And I did put black in it about a week ago aswell and I already want another colour :P
I get bored so easily with my hair 
What do you think is my hair better shorter or longer??


Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Shoes!

This was my outfit yesterday, I haven't worn this top before and decided it was about time it got some use :P 
These pics were taken at the end of the day and I did straighten my hair at the start of the day...but it never lasts :P
Anyway, my new shoes arrived whoop whoop! :) I love them I am going out with my girls on Monday so I will be wearing them then :D
I really wanted a pair of these shoes for ages but wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk in them so did not know if I wanted to spend £40 on a pair of shoes I couldn't wear. And then I found these beauts on Ebay for just £14.99 I didn't hesitate with just £2.99 P&P aswell I had to have them, I am going to see how Monday goes and if all goes well and I get a lot of use out of them then I will be buying the proper wooden heeled ones :) 

What do you think on these style boots??


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What I wore!

Its been a while since I done proper outfit posts. I have taken a few pics on a few odd days (I have been so busy lately) I wish I had more time to spend taking photos and doing lovely long posts. 
But here are a few: