Saturday, 28 January 2012

Take a look! :)

Hey, just thought i would post a link to a couple of my other pages, as they have a lot more things on them, They are purely of images that inspire me and that i find pretty/interesting.

Would love to hear a bit of feedback, Thanks x

nail varnish and leopard print

So I thought maybe i should post about some of my most recent purchases.

I have wanted these boots for absolutely ages and spotted them on ebay for £21.99 i had to have them, I cant quite decide what i want to wear with them yet, i have to find the right occasion.

I am obsessed with Barry M nail varnishes and i love the crackle effects i have it in black and just had to get it in other colours so i got the white and pink crackle and then i realised it was buy 2 and get the silver glitter one free i also wanted a nude one and went a bit insane buying four in one go but hey ho i have a nice selection to choose from :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Serious update!!

Right i havent posted in a year!! Way too long! I decided ages ago that i was going to blog more but i never find the time to do it even tho i love blogs and have always wanted one of my own that can inspire others like they do for me :) so i am forcing myself to give it a go at blogging and i will try to post as often and as much as i can. I welcome feedback it would be very much appreciated as im new to this :) Thanks x