Wednesday, 28 March 2012


This was yesterdays outfit I thought id show without tights as well just to show my ridiculously pasty white legs, i love these tights so much.

And this is today's outfit, pretty plain and simple but i have my pastel jeans :D


New hair new me! :D

So, here are a couple of pics to show you my new hair :D it was a last minute decision to go for the asymmetrical hairstyle. Everyone at work seemed to love it :P their reactions were great! I think because its so different.
I dyed it too and usually cant get the right shade of blonde it usually has an orange tint to it... until i heard of THE most amazing invention ever :P silver shampoo is just brilliant i actually managed to get the shade that i wanted all over rather then it being patchy and ginger-ish.
I am adding pink to the underneath tomorrow so i will post some pics after I have done that :D

What do you think??


Monday, 26 March 2012

New boots and a few Outfits

Hey!! sorry i haven't really posted much recently, Just a quick catch up post.

These are my new boots that i bought they are all fluffy on the inside so they feel lovely I also like that the heel isnt too big and its nice and chunky. I dont wear heels much but really had to get these :)

The next few pics are my outfits for the past few days, Let me know what you think?

This last outfit is another work outfit, I also have a dress to show you that i have worn to work recently. I dont tend to post my work outfits because we can only wear black so they arent that interesting.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Ebay Rings

I was browsing through ebay this morning and thought i would have a look for some rings, not realising there would be soo many lovely pieces on there!!

These are a few that caught my eye.

I love the pink bird one, it looks gorgeous,

What do you think??


Thursday, 22 March 2012


Falling a bit behind on the blog front lately! but I hope to have a few little posts lined up.

I am getting my hair cut at the weekend as it is well due a re-style :P

But before that I have a few outfit posts from the past few days. Been in a bit of a 60's style dress mood :P

So this is just a very simple post today (sorry guys) but I will have some more interesting posts soon im hoping :P


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Marc Jacobs

We had these sunglasses in at work (Tkmaxx) the other day...

I am absolutely gutted that i didnt get them, I cant find anywhere that sells them and the one that i found (sold out anyway but..) they were about $110. They were £29.99 at work, and someone got there before me. :(


Just a quick post :) this is my new playsuit i bought from Tkmaxx. I usually look terrible in playsuits but i think this one looks quite nice :)

Its very bright and summery which is what I love about it I cannot wait for summer!!

Sunday is chill out day :)

So had a nice relaxing day today so not really an exciting outfit to show but i do love this cardigan in this picture, thing is it has slits on the side which im not too keen on may have to sew them up :P

Im in my slippers too as usual :)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Replicas!

I was searching the internet for some affordable jeffery campbell Lita Lookalikes. So after a little bit of searching i found this website which does super cheap look-a-likes. I am definately buying some when i get paid :)

These are a few of the different types they have on offer..

Red/Black suede : £35

Black leather : £35

Black leather and spikes : £48

What do you think on these style boots?



Just posting to say that i do currently have a little obsession with ebay buying and selling i thought i would post a link for if anyone is interested in having a little look :)

These are a few of the items i have up at the moment :

Thanks for looking guys! :)


Saturday! :)

I love saturdays at the moment i only have to work in the mornings and i finish at 11 so have the rest of the day to do whatever i want :)

Anyway thought i would put up a couple of outfit posts i was meant to do it yesterday but i didnt have enough time.

And also I also forgot to post a picture of my new leather jacket that I got a couple of days ago. :D

Here it is..

These pictures dont really do the jacket any justice :P but you get the idea :)

What do you think?


Friday, 16 March 2012


Sorry haven't posted in a couple of days, it was such lovely weather yesterday, i was out all day and made the most of it. Seeing as i never seem to have a day off when it is lovely and sunny outside.
My new leather jacket came in the post yesterday too, i will post a picture later as am running a little late at the mo so this is a very rushed post. I will also post some outfit pics later aswell.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Hey, I forgot to post my actual outfit yesterday, it wasn't that interesting though to be honest. Pretty plain and boring, Its my lounging around outfit :P

And for today...

I have decided to change my shoes to my black pumps, but what do you think on the pink shoes with this outfit??

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Right, This morning i decided to take a stroll into town and have a look about, and in Primark i spotted these jackets and i had to get them. It was a shame i didnt see a royal blue one tho :P

Also, I have a few maxi dresses which i cannot wait to wear again when it gets hot enough, but i don't have any little cardies to go over them, so i found this little thing for £4.99. Not bad.


Monday, 12 March 2012

March Wish List

I thought i would try something im always forgetting the different things that i see that i really want to get. so i thought i will post a little list on here and it will hopefully remind me to save for them :P
Its worth a try, plus everyone can add any items that are on their wish lists.

I may have to do more then one post for this because i am forever seeing things that i love/am inspired by.

So first of all there are the coloured blazers...

Im liking the mint, light pink and the royal blue??

Pastel coloured jeans?

What's on your wish list?


What I wore today

So this was my little outfit for the day, i love this pink pleated skirt got it from h&m a while ago. My ankle boots i practically live in I borrowed these from my mum but never actually gave them back :P they are so comfy, the heels do need re-doing tho :P The top is just a plain primark vest.

The majority of my clothes are from primark, just because its so cheap i cant resist buying lovely little bits from there :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So, here are the pictures i said i would post, I am happy with how they turned out in the end. I usually worry that anything I sew will fall appart, im hoping they dont :P




So just posting another outfit for today, I also have a couple more dresses to show one was my mums from ages ago I have just made it smaller so it fits better and a little shorter and the other is another of my dads old shirts this one was a lot more simple then the last one I made with a shirt, I will post pictures a little later.
So this is my outfit for today..

Very casual and SO comfy, I don't tend to dress up too much anymore I really wish that I could.
Anyway I bought a new play suit for the summer the other day i will have to post a picture again it will be later on.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Todays outfit

Just a quick little outfit post for the day, pretty plain and simple. I love this jumper its nice and chunky and warm :)

I think the jumper is from Tkmaxx, the jeans are from primark.


Today, I got my lovely new patterns through the post, I have been meaning to buy some for ages, but never actually got round to it so finally I have managed to get some I just need to get the fabric to make them now :P

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Hey, so I thought I would post some outfit pics, I love colored jeans at the moment, I love how bright and summery these pink jeans are, I will invest in a couple more colours I think.

This is what i wore for my boyfriends birthday meal, i love dresses with collars i bought this from h&m a while ago and was waiting for the perfect time to wear it.

My work outfits are pretty plain and boring as all we can wear is black this was when it was really thick snow outside and was the first time i could try out my new wellies.