Thursday, 4 September 2014


I have just added loads of new this on my ebay! always worth a look something might catch your eye! :P

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

April 2014

A quick insight into what I have been doing lately. I don't generally do much, but I think it could be more I don't take enough pictures when I do do things. I would love to have more proof of my activities. I love looking at photos. These are all in no particular order.

 I tried to make Jammie dodgers! My friend had to point out that they are actually round on the outside and just a heart on the inside but who cares when your just going to eat them anyway. I was happy with them. I think he was just jealous because he didn't get one.

I straightened my hair one day, and I felt this deserved a picture. I also had make up on which I don't usually.

This is a mens Nike t-shirt which I made into a vest top, admittedly it is still a little manly on the shoulder part but its only meant for at the gym or when I go for a run so I don't mind too much, I am happy with how it turned out anyway.

My best friend made me dinner bless him, he would not let me help and I must say it was truly amazing! :P very healthy aswell!!

This is how I spent my Easter Sunday! :P I never get Sundays off work, so I spent this one with my friend stuffing our faces with pizza and watching the hobbit part 2. Lovely!

I am slowly losing my motivation for going to the gym, so I bought this top to help me get going :P I love inspirational quotes. And I really want to reach my fitness goal. I have been slacking lately especially seeing as I have eaten lots of chocolate due to Easter and pizzas etc.

This was one evening after a very long shift I got home and I literally just did almost nothing.

I have gone a bit mad on shoes this month! I have bought 3 pairs! I originally said nope, I will not buy jellies I wont give in. But the 90s child in me could not resist. I lived in jellies as a child they were my favourite shoes.

These next two are the exact same shoes just different colours. One for work (Black) and one for general everyday wear.
I have to say I highly recommend Sketcher Go walks, If you are on your feet a lot they are amazing! Since wearing them I have not had achy feet even after 11 hour shifts where i'm on my feet constantly.

More selfies! who can resist a selfie?? especially when your all done up and in a good mood because your going out with a group of great friends :)

This was taken one evening I decided to put on my fairy lights, I don't know what it is but fairy lights always calm me after a long day.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


More items have been posted and I am posting more new things more often now so check it out and see if there is anything you like most of my listings are 99p auctions so definately worth a look :)