Thursday, 3 May 2012

Outfit posts!

Ok, so I have a few outfit posts for you :)
This is my new lips top from h&m that I did show a couple of weeks ago, I teamed it with my bright pink blazer, It wasn't too much pink was it?? :P

I also got some feather earrings I think they will look better when I have my hair down though.

Right this isn't really an outfit post, I found the leggings in my mountain of clothes and was trying it with a few bits to see what they would look like maybe this outfit for a night out clubbing?
I never get my stomach out so its a very rare sight :P 

This is one of my new dresses I do have it in black which I use for work all the time and I really do love this colour, anything coral or pink I love right now :P
I tested it with a denim jacket and a cream blazer what do you think looks better?

This skirt I haven't worn before mainly because it was too puffy, so I have cut out the tutu part from underneath and I think it is much better now :P

This is today's outfit :) I have this top in another colour too which I'm sure I will show you soon :)


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