Thursday, 24 May 2012

Bargain of the day!!

So, while at work today the whole of the ladies department was sorted through and loads of stuff went into clearance. So, me being me had to have a snoot, while I was working. 
And I came across this dress which I have seen loads of times and had a lovely surprise when I saw the price :)
Just £3!!!
Admittedly there is a button missing and I searched the dress for any rips.. nothing! :) and there is a spare button attached to the label...sorted! :)

Its very summery, it did have a frilly bit on the bottom but because it is longer then what I would wear I cut this off and have decided to leave it at the length is is now.
Usually I would raise the hem a bit but I think I will have a 'longer' dress for the summer as it is flowy and don't want to risk the wind blowing it up if I don't wear tights :)


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