Sunday, 20 May 2012

Glittery nail varnish!

I bought some new nail varnishes :)
I had to have them I love the colours I will have to post a picture so that you can see how they look on.
I thought the pink one would be my favourite but its not as pink as it looks and it isn't as sparkly either.
I have used the silver one and it covers well and I thought the glitter would come off easy but its a bit like glitter glue, I think. 
Plus I love it because it is one that you can peel off, it doesn't look so nice when you only have a little patch of nail varnish on your nail though :P

I thought seeing as I am mentioning my new nail varnish I would show you where I keep ALL of my nail varnishes :) 
I love this make-up bag I got it from primark not sure on the price but its great for keeping all of them in :)

Now I would say I have quite a lot of nail varnishes I am sure it is easily beaten :P haha
I love having a little selection to choose from when I do decide to paint my nails.
Usually there isn't much point because it chips because of work, I do when its a special occasion or I feel like making my fingers look nice :P


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