Thursday, 24 May 2012

New Project!

 Ok, so I saw this top that I really like but I am not too sure on the assymetric hem line thing,

So I decided I would give it a go at making my own, but instead of using a sheer material (and because I had some old black shirts that I never wear) I am basically refasioning an old shirt.

You can find this shirt here:

This is my shirt so far :) I am using the buttonhole stitch to make the crosses on my machine :) and I am quite happy with how they are coming out.
I quite like how it is just with the crosses just on the button bit, I have marked out where I think I am going to put the rest of the crosses, (they are just being dotted about.) But what do you think so far??

I have now taken the sleeves off I decided that as summer is just around the corner I will make it a bit more summery? If that’s the right word :P


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