Sunday, 22 April 2012


Right so I have fallen behind on the outfit posts, I have been working quite a bit recently my hours seem to be going back up to the 'normal' amount. So I have quite a few pics, I haven't kept up with taking pictures of all my outfits but here are a few :)

This one isnt really an outfit post I got the dungarees a while ago because I really wanted a pair, but im not too sure how to wear them, so I thought I would team them with the trusty shirt, and ask for any suggestions??

I think I look a bit bored in this photo haha. Anyhoo, this is a dress I got from Tkmaxx ages ago, I love the lace collar on it :)

I love the top in the next picture it looks really good with a high waisted skirt, I think I may have to put it with my thicker skirt though because you can see the top ruffled underneath.
Now, this dress I did post the other day but I really do love it, its just so summery :) This time I put it with a loose cardigan.

The top in this picture was actually a long sleeve shirt that was a little too big for me so I took it in a bit and took the sleeves off and hey presto a lovely new top :)


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